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In trying to define our species, we have variously epitomised ourselves as maker, classifier and story teller. Whether constructing in the form of narrative, taxonomy or receptacle man has become particularly adept at fabricating containers. All three genres may be said to be holders of meaning: repositories or systems in which it is possible to communicate thoughts, seek to influence those of others and share knowledge, or experience that can give rise to new and unexpected meanings. Something which has given us such a hold on the world that we now think in terms of the world ?contained? as a field mapped out by satellite... by Vincent McGourty



In the world of glass art, a lot of attention is paid to the manufacture and form of objects, and this strongly distinguishes glass artists from their contemporaries. But very few glass artists focus on colour in glass, or using it in a nuanced way. Munich based artist Heike Brachlow, who currently resides in London, has for some years, been exploring fine colour in meticulous research work. We paid her a visit... by Michel Braun



The elegance of corn ? in cooperation with Studio Toogood Gallery FUMI launched a Corn Craft exhibition in London. The works of Nacho Carbonell, Raw Edges Design Studio, Max Lamb, Gemma Holt und Rowan Mersh were not presented in the gallery, but in the gallery owners' apartment. Objects had the opportunity to talk with Valerio Capo about the sustainability of a design material that should also not be missed at any dinner...     by Michel Braun



Beauty isn't self-evident, it has to be preserved and looked after. That also applies to a large city like Stockholm, with the difference being that aesthetics in public spaces don't constitute an absolute variable. In this case, beauty has to reach a pluralistic consensus, and have a financial and political framework. But how can that be achieved? Does only an administrative act?s taste triumph? Or the victorious architectural firm? Or a 3D sketch that the mayor likes? The Stockholm initiative ?The New Beauty Council? tries to address these questions. Despite its orthodox title, the ?beauty council? doesn't represent a legal person, but is rather an advisory authority on questions of aesthetic importance. Both founding members, Thérèse Kristiansson and Annika Enqvist, talk exclusively about their debating club, as well as Bourdieu and his intellectual following, in more detail. We?re all ears...     A dialogue between Thérèse Kristiansson and Annika Enqvist



Last year at the Illustrative 09 exhibition I presented a performance that began to define a territory I would like to call Performance Illustration. We are comfortable with sculpture and video sitting within illustration ? in fact there were several excellent examples of this in the exhibition. Conversely we are comfortable with performance art, a crossover between performance and fine art, dating back at least to the 60s. This is now universally accessible as a form both to fine artists who consider themselves primarily performers or and performers who consider themselves fine artists. Illustration, however, does not have this cross-over...      by Julian Waite