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Handmade in Germany 2012



The German „Walz“, the journeyman years, is more actual than ever. Refering to the tradition of setting out on travel after completing apprenticeship as a craftsman, this late october craftsmen and designers will show up at Direktorenaus in Berlin.

Handmade in Germany

The upcoming exhibition at Direktorenhaus is showing the latest products from 30 master craftsmen, innovative manufacturers and experimental designers. The show is a condensed collection of current German furniture, interiors, music instruments, tableware, and other products that showcases and explores the country’s uniquely qualitative design aesthetic. After the production excesses of the last millennium, there is now a distinct demand for limited, high qualitative and unique products — something in which the Germans have specialized for hundreds of years.

The exhibition at Direktorenhaus in the heart of Berlin wants to represent a selection of German designers and manufactories, from highly specialized craftsmen through to manufactories that have gradually grown into larger actors with a global visibility. All in common is a specific dedication to craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail give their products the qualitative edge.

 With the exhibited objects and limited editions curators Pascal Johanssen and Katja Kleiss examines this distinctive talent of designers and manufactories for combining the rational and traditional with the cutting-edge in a way that seems effortless and even playful.


Start: 27. 10. - 14. 11.

Opening: der 26. 10., 7pm

(by invitation only)

 registration here


On the evening of the 26th of Oct.

the guests as well as over 30 designers, craftsmen, factory owners and producers will celebrate the exhibition with craft- performances, handmade specialities and German fine wines (by invitation only).

With participation of:

Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau (Interior Architecture)

Mayer'sche Hofkunstanstalt (artistic mosaic & stained glass)

Montblanc (Writing Instruments)

Fürstenberg (Porcelain)

Nymphenburg (Porcelain)

Frank Leder (Fashion)

ClassiCon (Furniture)

Tim Brauns - e27 (Product Design)

Pelikan (Writing Instruments)

Olaf Hajek (Illustration)

Atelier Berthold Hoffmann (Cast Iron)

Fiona Bennett (Hatter)

Holon ID (Product Design)

Brunner (Fireplaces)

Andreas Maier (Paravent Painting)

Schramm Werkstätten (Beds)

Yasmine Benhadj-Djilali (Furniture)

Valentin Loellmann (Furniture)

Sarah Böttger (Product Design)

Gmund (Paper)

Dibbern (Porcelain)

Bless (Fashion)

Hirschmann (Stringed Instruments)

Reuber Henning (Rugs)

Arne Petersen (Ceramics)

Mühle (Shaving Culture)

Tiziana Jill Beck (Illustration)

Columbus (Globes)