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Diego Lorenzini

  In times where everything can be art, it is sometimes refreshing to come across extraordinary skill. Young Chilean Diego Lorenzini combines realistic drawings of almost photographic quality with casual sketches and cartoons. He uses everyday materials like pencil, biro and notebook, creating an immediacy that, combined with his pensive humour, strikes as a fresh approach to an established medium. In the...

Daniel Emma

  "Our design aims to be just 'nice'", says Daniel and Emma, two young designers with experience in some of the most renomated design studios: Marc Newson, Thorsten Van Elten, Commitee and Philips design to name just a few.  They have been listed by Wallpaper magazine in 2009 as one of the recent design graduates to watch and in 2010 awarded the Blueprint most promising talent at 100% design London. They...

Samuel Wilkinson

Samuel Wilkinson is an award-winning London-based industrial designer who set up his diverse design studio in 2007 and just a year later completed his largest work, co-designing L’arbre de Flonville in Lausanne, Switzerland. More recently the Plumen 001 light bulb has won great acclaim including collecting the London Design Museum Design of the Year 2011 and the coveted D&AD Black Pencil.  Wilkinson’s studio...

Taste Festival Berlin

10 days of Food and Creativity. Food is a central topic for cutting edge design today. At the same time chef's and producers are experimenting with various aesthetic and conceptual approaches that are relevant in contemporary food. They are not only innovating culinary techniques but are also reflecting on our daily food philosophy.The Taste Festival is a 10-days-Festival in Berlin introducing outstanding...

Dr. Sketchy Illustration Cabinet

The Direktorenhaus welcomed professional Illustrators and complete beginners to the Dr. Sketchy Exhibition to paper extraordinary models in shrill costumes. To the sound of the 1940ies nightly birds of paradise and burlesque dancers posed for the drawers. At the same time we were celebrating the opening of the Dr. Sketchy exhibition at Direktorenhaus.


It was a two day invasion that took over the Direktorenhaus guerrilla style, bringing an interactive show that balanced on the edge of rawness and sophistication.



Just in time for the winter season, we inaugurated our new fireplaces designed and built by the bavarian fireplace company Brunner ( at Direktorenhaus.

Brunner fireplaces

Firerplaces at Direktorenhaus - Since December 2011 we are proud to see 7 brand new fireplaces every day at Direktorenhaus. Why that? The idea in regards to the exhibition of a new culture binding fire and warmthsprung out of a pragmatic call of the winter: the old house on the spree, which is part of the old mint coin, does not possess a heating system - the past winters have been too cold.