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No. 8 - Manufakturenstrasse

The eighth issue of the OBJECTS magazine titled „Manufakturenstrasse“ is redesigned! The „Deutsche Manufakturenstrasse“ is being launched which gives reason enough to present this brand new project initiated by the Direktorenhaus.  [...]>


No. 7 - Weltreise

The seventh issue initiates the “Handmade in Germany” worldtour, an exhibition that shows a range from traditional craftsmanship and luxurious products to young german design. [...]>


No. 6 - Illustrative

Together with the brand-new issue of Illustrative Catalogue the sixth issue of our magazine provides a top-class compilation of worldwide protagonists from the fields of art, design and crafts.Moreover the special combined issue shows especially with gorgeous picture spreads the variety of Illustration and graphic as an artistic discipline. [...]> 


No. 5 - Handmade in Germany

The fifths issue "HANDMADE IN GERMANY" introduces us again to the hidden world of intelligent craft: Valentin Löllmann, German furniture designer, gives us an insight into his Wonderland world, the Italian Design Duo Formafantasma are working on the aura of objects. Essays by leading designers. Roman Bittner explains why the fight for minimalism and reduction in the world of design will lead to nothing. [...]>

No. 4 - Craft Poetry

The fourth issue "CRAFTPOETRY" has it all: Nick Clements broaches the issue of Re-Enactement, the aftermath of historical occurrences and their artistic exploitation, Julie Kogler analyses the rise of the surreal-pop-artists of the last decade while Basar Önal speaks about designing time. [...]>

No. 3 - Bildersturm

How does the current omnipresence of visual representations affect us? This is the question of the BILDERSTURM issue. Can we still refer to the human sight as an aesthetic authority which decides about the creation of our environment? [...]>

No. 2 - Craftpunk

The Renaissance of crafts is the main topic of the second edition. Ambra Medda, enigmatic director of Design Miami and inventor of the term “Craftpunk", was interviewed by Objects. [...]>

No. 1 - Neocraft

The first issue of our magazine, starts with an essay by Spanish art director Gregori Saavedra, who explains how he has been able to see the world more clearly through illustration. [...]>